DUNA ELEKTRONIKA KFT. 1183 Budapest, Gyömrői út 99.

Tel: +36 1 666 1600 E-mail: sales@dunaelektronika.com

Our objectives

The main objective of the Company is to perform IT activities, which satisfies the domestic and international expectations and requirements at a high quality level.

We would like to assure the high quality level of our activities by applying the proper methods, fully complying with the requirements of our customers, taking into account the authority/legal requirements and social expectations. Our obligation is to:

satisfy the customers’ needs connected to our activities in line with professional requirements, the users’ objectives, the well-known technical and technological methods and practices applied domestically and internationally, legal requirements, as well as the related domestic and international standards and the stipulated and required safety and environmental obligations.

The management and employees of the Company are committed to quality services, the economical usage of our environmental resources and preserving our environmental values. It is required at all managerial levels to enforce the concept of quality work and the dedicated focus on environmental protection during our management activities.

The employees are obliged to assure quality in their daily work, to fully comply with the environmental regulations and requirements, to fulfil the undertaken quality and environmental obligations and to strive for continuous improvement.

“Our objective is that our Company would comply with the legal, authority, as well as the proprietors’ and partners’ expectations connected to quality and environmental protection, fulfil the needs of our customers related to quality and environmental protection in a comprehensive and economical way, its public image would be good, continuously strengthen its competitiveness, market positions and goodwill, its corporate culture connected to quality and environmental protection would improve and our employees’ commitment to the above would become an internal  urge and demand.

For that end we implemented a management system, the integral parts of which are both the quality and the environmental control systems. The implemented system contains the regulations of daily work and the principle of continuous improvement and development. In order to comply with the requirements of the system to the best possible extent our employees have the basic obligation to improve and renew professionally and to be responsive to new technologies. The ethical, quality and environmentally focused behaviour is a primary requirement in our relations with the partners, suppliers and contractors.”