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Managed Services

Duna Managed Services – We provide support to more than 20,000 users in Hungary in 2013!

„Managed services make quality of performance measurable and controllable, at the same time they make operating costs predictable.”

Efficiency, Quality, Remarkable Knowledge and Experience, Cost reduction 

The above-listed words become all true when we mention Duna Managed Services.

IT assures daily operation, work efficiency and the future to companies in the 21st century. That is why it is inevitable to provide and assure the highest level and knowledge under any circumstances.

Managed IT-services enable the company to immediately react to sudden changes and its future is assured through services of the highest quality.

Duna Elektronika Kft. – with its more-than 20-year experience, international background, experiences in the SME and big company environment, liability insurance and as an official Dell, HP, Lenovo service provider – assures the daily operation of companies and support their IT-divisions.

By way of personalized Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments we guarantee the availability, fault clearance, restoration and change management services and the access to the latest technologies.

The HelpDesk service of Duna Elektronika can provide continuous 24/7 availability and with its comprehensive process management it can assure the SLA-level allocation of resources of its own or even other subcontractors. 



  • HW service under guarantee
  • HW service and maintenance beyond guarantee
  • Server operation (down to the operating system level)
  • Server application operation
  • End-user support (remote and local)
  • 2-3 level operation (support of local IT group)
  • Operation of network assets
  • Complex IT operation (network assets, server and client-side, without local IT-group)
  • Printer operation, page-based settlement
  • CallCenter service
  • Seconded engineer (outsourcing)



  • Infrastructure operation

Operation of HW and SW elements assuring access to server and client-side applications. It includes servers, storage and network active assets, as well as the applications they are running. Pro-active status monitoring is a part of operation and intervention, if necessary, for the sake of troubleshooting.

  • Consulting

Our experienced system engineers are at the disposal of our contracted partners in questions related to our services and other development issues for the implementation of IT-related projects.

  • Client support

HW and SW operation of IT-devices used by end users, even by dedicated on-site availability and support by phone.

  • Change and configuration management

We register and monitor the status of devices and processed used and applied in the IT-system by the software environment used by our contracted partners or (if requested) implemented by Duna Elektronika, so we can always provide up-to-date information on the operated system.

  • Error and problem management

Duna Elektronika registers every event and error report according to the processed defined in its own ISO quality assurance system, in which it also documents the activities performed, so the Company can always provide up-to-date information to its contracted partners both on the tasks in progress and the actual use of resources. If necessary, it can escalate the problem to be solved to a higher level according to the pre-defined escalation procedures even with the involvement of an external expert.

  • Network operation

Operation and pro-active supervision of active and passive elements of LAN and WAN networks with factory and other assets. If necessary, the system engineers of Duna Elektronika can solve the problem with even immediate intervention and make proposals on changes and developments by taking into consideration the trends monitored during the given period in order to achieve optimal operation.

  • Backup services

The experienced and highly qualified system engineers of Duna Elektronika take part in the creation and implementation of the security backup strategy, which is in line with the infrastructure and needs of the Client and they operate even the existing backup system, as well. Besides they regularly examine the restoration processes according to a pre-tested emergency plan. Duna Elektronika – besides complying with the necessary security measures – can manage remote backup stocks, if necessary.

  • Virus protection services

Our system engineers having acquired experiences in virus protection build the optimal antivirus system to the Client on client and server side, as well as at the entry points. They monitor the predominantly automated processes and intervene in line with the pre-defined alarm levels, if necessary.

  • Monitoring

With the help of comprehensive system management solutions we gather information on the operation and “health” status of the entire IT infrastructure (HW and SW elements). By regularly evaluating their results we make development proposals or – if necessary – we start fault clearance by immediate intervention.

  • HP, Dell, Lenovo service

Duna Elektronika is a certified service partner of the above manufacturers. In case of HW errors we can provide the necessary components and professional in 24/7, if necessary.

  • Microsoft professional support

Our staff of Microsoft-certified system engineers – with its more than 10-year experience and continuous further trainings – provide competent support to our partners on client systems, server operating systems and application servers, including high-availability systems, as well. Our top competence is server, client and application virtualization.